Soft Fluffy Faux Fur Rug Sheepskin Rugs for Bedroom


Versatile Usage:
Bedroom Rug / Living Room Rug / Kids Room Rug / Nursery Rug / Girls Rug / Boys Rug / Christmas Rug / Classroom Rug / Dorm Rug / Home Decor Rug.

Softest Fluffy Rug:
Comfortable shaggy plush microfiber children rug, keep warm and quick drying, will leave your child a soft tactility.

Environmentally Friendly High-quality Materials: Our carpets are made of high-quality fiber fabrics, which will not fade or fall off.

Good Choice For Carpet:
Easy cleaning and durability are the best features of the shaggy rug.

Care Instructions:

1. As a portable rug, makes it easy to take it outside to shake the dirt out. It can be hand washed or vacuum it with a low-power handheld vacuum.

2. If use washing machine, please put it in a laundry bag. Using cold water and delicate setting, don’t worry fade or shed after cleaning.

3. Shaking it to fluff up the fur after spin dry by washing machine, hung your rug out to dry on the clothesline.

Please Note:
Our rug packed in vacumm bag, it will look more thinner than the original, please don’t worry, it will be restored 2 or 3 days later.

Size : 2 ft x 4 ft
Color : White, Pink, Grey, Black, White
Luxurious Faux Fur Sheepskin Rug Kid’s Rug For Nursery Bedroom Living Room.
Size : 2 x 3 ft / 2 x 4 ft / 3 x 5 ft / 4 x 6 ft / 5 x 8 ft / 6 x 9 ft
Various Colors To Choose : Pink, Grey, Black, White


Luxury Faux Fur Rug:
Not only will the fluffy rug bring some much-needed texture into your space, but it can also offer a cozy vibe without compromising your cool, modern aesthetic; there is no doubting, a faux fur sheepskin rug is hands-down one of the coolest pieces you can have in your home

Anti-slip TP Bottom:
We are different from other brands, super strong TP rubber backing at the bottom of the fluffy carpet, which helps prevent it from sliding on your floor; your kids and pets can play very happily and comfortably on the area rug; in addition, the service life of fuzzy carpet can also be significantly improved

Applicable Scene:
The right living room rug will warm up the area, so it feels like an inviting space for reading and Saturday-afternoon naps; the ideal faux fur rug for your bedroom will tie the whole thing together, put it by the bed in your room help to absorb sounds and keep your bedroom especially quiet while you’re trying to rest

Care Instructions:
Shaking your fur rug outside will get rid of a surprising amount of dirt; lightly vacuum once or twice a week using the lightest possible setting; this fluffy rug is machine washable just toss it in your laundry machine and wash on the wool or gentle mode and dry in the air

Christmas Gift Ideas:
It’s great you have the opportunity to come in and give Christmas presents to the your family and spend time with them; whether adults or children, friends or lovers, they will be very happy that you give them this Christmas rug as a gift